Team Building

Games, adventures, simulations, unusual situations series – those are the “tools” we work with to:

– Improve internal communication

– Increase the level of commitment to the ideas and objectives of the Company

– Build confidence

– Improve team interaction

– Develop decision making skills in a state of uncertainty and highly competitive environment

Our events are held indoors and outdoors.

In the last ten years we developed a set of practices, plot activities, formats, and complex simulations lasting from several hours to several days.

All of them are based on the theory and practice of organizational development.

We provide the opportunity for everyone to get to know themselves and their colleagues. Each of you will have the chance to express yourself, using your previous experience, knowledge and innate qualities.

Facing challenges makes visible the links between many important things in everyday life, which supposed to be seemingly insignificant and unrelated, and our place among them.

Together you will overcome many inhibitions and prejudices. With our help you will objectify meaning of written and unwritten rules, which most of us tend to neglect for a long time.

We can assure you that during the whole time you’ll be in a casual friendly atmosphere.

So prepare to spend unforgettable hours among nice people, engrossed in interesting activities.