Bulgaria is situated between 41 and 44 parallel of the Northern Hemisphere – a bridge connecting Europe and Asia. The area of Bulgaria is 110 996sq.km, which is approximately 22% of the total territory of the Balkan Peninsula. The length of the borders is 2,245km. 1181km of land, 686km river and 378km. sea. Bulgaria borders Romania to the north (mostly along the River Danube), Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. The average altitude of Bulgaria is 470m.

The biggest mountains in the country are Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes, Stara Planina, Vitosha, Sredna Gora, Strandzha and Sakar.

The Black sea

Team Building The Black sea

Thousand years of sruggling between water and land has created incredibly diverse coastal forms.

In the northern part of the coastline is situated the magnificent Cape Kaliakra.

It juts out two kilometers into the sea and is more than 70 meters high.

Beautiful and exotic places lies west from Balchik. Vegetation is richly, as a species not known anywhere else in Bulgaria.

Stara Planina

Team Building Stara Planina

This mighty mountain called by the ancient Greeks Aemon and by the Romans Hemus is the backbone of Bulgaria.

We call it Balkan (from there the name of the peninsula). There are many legends associated with the mountain.

Stara Planina is 555km long, 50km wide and it’s area is 25 986sq.m.


Team Building Rodopa

This is the most extensive and magical Bulgarian mountain.

To the east and south Rodopa leaves Bulgarian and enters Greece.


Team Building Rila

Rila is the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula.

About one third of the territory exceeds 2000m altitude.

The mountain is very rich in water – mighty streams, waterfalls and rivers.

This is the mountain where major rivers takes source from – Maritsa, Iskar, Mesta and Struma.

The highest peak in Rila is Musala – 2925m.


Team Building Pirin

Pirin was called by the Thracians “Orbelos”, meaning snow-white mountain. It is the second highest mountain in Bulgaria, 13 percent of the area exceeds 2200m and peaks above 2600 meters are more than twice as in Rila. In the northern part of Pirin beautiful peaks rising, such as: Banderishka chukar – 2737m, Momin yard – 2730m, Gazelle – 2761m, Todorini peak – 2745m, Bezbog – 2645m. And of course highest peak Vihren – 2915m.


Team Building Vitosha

Next to the capital of Bulgaria is Mount Vitosha.

Relation between Sofia and Vitosha is like relation between Naples and Vezuviy.

This mountain is a wonderful natural scenery, unique natural gift for the capital.

In ancient times the mountain was known as Skomios which in translation means, steep, acute mountain.

Vitosha has the form of a huge dome with a total area of 278sq.km.